25 November, 2014

Innovative Entrepreneur Award

It was such an honoured to be awarded by the company for my achievement in 5 years and I'm the youngest CDM who received that award by Hai-O Marketing. 

I was awarded by the company for the Innovative Award 

Alhamdullilah, the journey is still far... still long way to go. 

I want to build my own business empire one day.. to be known as a successful business mogul in Malaysia.

Special thanks to ALL my partners and proteges who still standing strong beside me through thick and thin, through my weakness and strength, happiness and sorrows.. thank you for the bottom of my heart... and last but not least 

my husband Razali Zain for be there for me from the day one I choose myself to be an Entrepreneur. 

To my children Hariz, Haikal and Rayyan for always and always understand that mommy is always busy and never complaint. 


p/s... thank you Rizalman for making my dress come true in 3 days time! It is an amazing job and u pulled it off!! 

17 November, 2014

Hanis Haizi One in the Million

Coming soon!

Hanis Haizi was Awarded by the Company during Company Annual Dinner

09 October, 2014


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes 

sweat, determination and hard work.


Your journey as entrepreneur starts 


My GLAMPRENEUR journey started with 
free TOKYO trip (2009)

until now we have expanded the team worldwide!

Alhamdullilah, all the hardwork and dedication is paid off!

You might think it seems impossible to achieve all this,

probably because you have no talent in business , or probably most of the people that you know "failed" in the industry.

THINK again.

Success must have their own way to achieve it, and Failures must have their REASONs behind it. 

and if you want to succeed in LIFE, never under estimate you potential!

Success come to those who really dare to dream BIG

and work their ass hard for it!

Start your journey with our next coming trip to 


Who knows that you GONNA be our 


take the first step toward success with us!

Be our protege today!

#flyhigh with #glampreneur


29 September, 2014

Shanghai Calling #GLAMjourneys


Shanghai akhirnya, our company did plan to go before to Shanghai but got diverted to Korea.
So finally we went. Below, are some of the moments we shared.

For more pictures, checkout our hashtag #GLAMjourneys #jomeropah

A big thank you to all the team members who made Shanghai an unforgettable trip!

Don't miss out on our future trips, find out how you can also be a part of the team today!

06 September, 2014

We are Recruting!


GLAM is Hiring!

Partime / Full time basis
Working hours : Flexible
Income : RM4500 ++ -> 6 figures. 
Free Mentoring from Celebrity Mentor

Free Master training at our
GLAM Academy

Product class

Social Media Training

Business Skills

Free business Stratergy

Free Travel 3 x a year

Free Car ( Car Fund)

Designer Handbag for GLAM Achievement

Not only that you will learn on how to market you business internationally! 

With a VERY LOW Capital only as compared to any other franchise business in the world ( ONCE IN A LIFE TIME!)

With selection wide range products, from household, healthcare and cosmetics.

We have a penetrate into international market :
Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei , Thailand, Australia and Middle East.

Coming soon in London and Paris!

So what are you waiting for?

You would be NEXT!!
call me to set appointment
the once in a life time opportunity.