09 October, 2014


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes 

sweat, determination and hard work.


Your journey as entrepreneur starts 


My GLAMPRENEUR journey started with 
free TOKYO trip (2009)

until now we have expanded the team worldwide!

Alhamdullilah, all the hardwork and dedication is paid off!

You might think it seems impossible to achieve all this,

probably because you have no talent in business , or probably most of the people that you know "failed" in the industry.

THINK again.

Success must have their own way to achieve it, and Failures must have their REASONs behind it. 

and if you want to succeed in LIFE, never under estimate you potential!

Success come to those who really dare to dream BIG

and work their ass hard for it!

Start your journey with our next coming trip to 


Who knows that you GONNA be our 


take the first step toward success with us!

Be our protege today!

#flyhigh with #glampreneur


29 September, 2014

Shanghai Calling #GLAMjourneys


Shanghai akhirnya, our company did plan to go before to Shanghai but got diverted to Korea.
So finally we went. Below, are some of the moments we shared.

For more pictures, checkout our hashtag #GLAMjourneys #jomeropah

A big thank you to all the team members who made Shanghai an unforgettable trip!

Don't miss out on our future trips, find out how you can also be a part of the team today!

06 September, 2014

We are Recruting!


GLAM is Hiring!

Partime / Full time basis
Working hours : Flexible
Income : RM4500 ++ -> 6 figures. 
Free Mentoring from Celebrity Mentor

Free Master training at our
GLAM Academy

Product class

Social Media Training

Business Skills

Free business Stratergy

Free Travel 3 x a year

Free Car ( Car Fund)

Designer Handbag for GLAM Achievement

Not only that you will learn on how to market you business internationally! 

With a VERY LOW Capital only as compared to any other franchise business in the world ( ONCE IN A LIFE TIME!)

With selection wide range products, from household, healthcare and cosmetics.

We have a penetrate into international market :
Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei , Thailand, Australia and Middle East.

Coming soon in London and Paris!

So what are you waiting for?

You would be NEXT!!
call me to set appointment
the once in a life time opportunity.

26 August, 2014


How to be in the RIGHT group!

There are many groups out there.
You can't deny that some are more successful than others.

So Why GLAM?

Green Leaders Academy Malaysia also known as GLAM 
is the leading pioneer in online marketing in Malaysia.

GLAM is also responsible for the revolution 
in the way network marketing is done today.

GLAM has put the name of Premium Beautiful 
where it is today on GOOGLE. 

We are everywhere, from blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and the more recent Keek.

We have proven that we are GLAMourous 
but we are also highly RESULT ORIENTED

and is the 1st group to have establish training in online marketing & social media marketing techniques

With over 200 Diamonds under our wings, 
these numbers are growing.

We are proud with the successes of our business partners.
Celebrating over 20 Crown Diamonds in a span of just 3 years.

Our travel track record for the past 3 years :-

Perth & Switzerland
10 Qualifiers 

Hong Kong

60 Qualifiers (2 bus)

Holland & Belgium 

50 Qualfiers (1 bus)


100 Qualfiers (1 flight)

150 Qualifiers (1.5 flight)

Paris & London 
100 Qualifiers

150 Qualifiers

100 Qualifiers

GLAM were chosen to represent our company 
for Bella Awards and Bella Talk Show:-

Hanis Haizi, Maisarah Ibrahim, Naa Kamaruddin,
 Shaliza Aziz

Not only are we all over Malaysia, 
but we have expanded into GLAM Qatar, GLAM United Kingdom, GLAM Singapore & GLAM Brunei. 

We have GLOBAL presence

We represented the company during Diamond Night 2012 and Guangzhou Gala Dinner to give speech in front of 7,000 people

We have been featured in numerous publications and national TV
Berita Harian, Utusan, Majalah Nur, Hijabista, Intrend, Nona, Harmoni,  TV9 & NTV7

This is why...
We are GLAMpreneurs!

Leaders who know how to talk the talk 
and know how to walk the walk!

You could be next!
Take the next step and be part of our team today!

Find out more now why you should be a part of GLAM.

To all our clients, friends, families & business partners who made it all possible.

Thank you for making us No. 1 in Malaysia.

Devil Wears Prada Contest!!

Girls! We have a great news for you!!!

Do you love handbags? Of course majority will say yes!!

And what if we say PRADA????

Yes you heard me! We will give away PRADA leather bag (not nylon / not fake ones)
authentic from Italy. 

When we do contest, we do it SERIOUSLY! 

Remember Dear Hanis Haizi contest for Chanel , the lucky girl won herself a Chanel Flap Bag last year. 

This chance could be YOURS!!

So how to Enter the contest

1)You must Buy Premium Beautiful Corset Classic / Premium Beautiful Corset Elegance in a single Receipt dated from August-October
2)You must buy from GLAMPRENEURS Agent only 
3)You can have multiple entries! 
1 entry = 1 receipt 
4) Only valid For cash/credit card or Aeon Credit customers

So what are you waiting for?

Contact your nearest top GLAMPRENEUR AGENTS today!!!