02 November, 2015

Aaisyah Dhia Rana birthday

Thank you @rozitachewan1 for the invitation! My boys really enjoy it so much. Aasiyah and mommy look so gorgeous in the tutu skirt! 

The event took place at The White House in Damanasara.
Theme: Enchanted Garden Party
All the ladies supposed to wear Tutu Skirt and white tops. But my tutu skirt from Qudyn so kembang i didnt want to wear it. :P


30 October, 2015

Presenting my missy B

Been waiting for this as long as i can remember. I choose my first B to be in Rose Tyrien. Simply because I'm in love with the color and it is very very rare to get it.

Color name: Rose Tyrien
Leather type : Epsom
Size: 35cm
Hardware: GHW



Most Glam 2015



Assalamualaikum and hello again to my fellow readers and followers ... 
It has been awhile �� Yes! Im still alive, LOL. 

I had a really great time last night. Thanks for the invite GLAM Magazine. 
I was in the amazing Rizalman Ibrahim couture. 

In love with his designs. thank you rizalman!

20 June, 2015

Dear customer/followers

Please note that from now on you may contact directly 
my personal assistant (0192775669) on purchasing and ordering Hai-o products. If you have any question you can always send me an email at hanishaizi@gmail.com

11 February, 2015

Gabungan Unik Set Kurus Bajet Mampu Mengubah...

Alhamdulillah, ramai yang bertanya tentang #SetKurusBajet yang Hanis kongsi baru-baru ni. 

Tahukah anda ramai yang menggunakan SetKurusBajet sudahpun melihat hasil selepas hanya beberapa minggu menggunakannya?

bawang putih









Search sahaja hashtag #SetKurusBajet di Instagram, banyak testimoni-testimoni baru yang akan dikongsikan.

Kalau nak mencuba, boleh lah PM saya

Hanis Haizi
012-703 1851

atau email ke hanishaizi@gmail.com