13 February, 2016

Haikal Razik and Hanif Rayyan Birthday Party!

Salam to all readers...

Alhamdullilah we just celebrated our boys birthday last month.
Since we never had any birthday party for rayyan before, so this year we want it to be special for him and his brother!

So we decided to do STARWARS COSTUME PARTY
Venue in KLGCC.

Kids really enjoy it and parents as well. We got to dress up in Starwars characters.

As for the boys:

Rayyan as Darth Vader
Haikal as Kylo Ren
Hariz as Captain Phasma

Me as Princess Leia
Raz as Storm Trooper

The boys outfits we got it from Disney store in Harrods, while my outfits was specially design by Qudyn, since i'm wearing hijab and i think he design it perfectly well and my husband's costume from Costume Empire.

Thanks for coming guys!

16 December, 2015

On Hiatus

Sorry for been away for very very longggg time.

I guess most of you already get bored with my blog like bersawang sudah. 
I was on Hiatus for almost two years off from my business. I've been on and off traveling around the world. Need to figure out about my life again and get back on track.

Alhamdullilah so many exciting happen to me. I guess i won't share with you guys keep it personal matter. Maybe one day.

Any how i will try my best to updates my blog like I used to!

ok to be continued...

02 November, 2015

Aaisyah Dhia Rana birthday

Thank you @rozitachewan1 for the invitation! My boys really enjoy it so much. Aasiyah and mommy look so gorgeous in the tutu skirt! 

The event took place at The White House in Damanasara.
Theme: Enchanted Garden Party
All the ladies supposed to wear Tutu Skirt and white tops. But my tutu skirt from Qudyn so kembang i didnt want to wear it. :P