29 November, 2009

Great news for shopaholics................

I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

wanna know why?? here's why.. :D

Woah, stop the presses. For a shopping-obsessed country, we're wondering why there aren't bargain-hunters running through the streets and waving their fistful of retail dollars with this piece of news -- a "world-class premium factory outlet" will start construction at Kulai, Johor early next year and will be completed by mid-2011. It will be part of the US-based Chelsea Premium Outlets chain, known for its large, upscale outlet shops that sell brand names at discounted prices in major cities around the world.

We repeat the magic words -- brand names at discounted prices.

For those not familiar with Chelsea Premium Outlets, the stores sell previous seasons' stocks at discounts of 25 to 65 per cent. For example, Woodbury Common -- Chelsea’s most famous outlet in upstate New York -- has 220 stores selling top brands such as Burberry, Prada and Giorgio Armani.

For those who already know, get out your walking shoes and warm up those credit cards.

Ni contoh2 pics taken during my Us trip

Japan Trip

Semuanya dari Chelsea premium outlet.

The new Johor project is expected to attract 4 million visitors a year, according to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. It's a joint venture between Chelsea Premium Outlets and Genting Group that's being developed in Johor as part of the Iskandar Malaysia project, and understandably, Malaysia has bragging rights to it. "It is the first (Chelsea) center in the (Asean) region and I'm very happy that they have chosen Malaysia," said PM Najib. He said he understood other countries in the region had been trying to woo the Chelsea Group to set up the center.

According to the Straits Times, one person who is looking forward to the new store is Singaporean advertising executive Chan Jui Ping. Describing Woodbury Common as a "Disneyland for shoppers," he spent eight hours shopping for clothes at before going home with a dozen brand-name items for just US$600 two years ago. "Hopefully the outlet in Johor will be more like the one in New York."

Read more: Chelsea premium outlets to open in Johor | CNNGo.com http://www.cnngo.com/singapore/none/chelsea-premium-outlets-open-johor-709556#ixzz0YG2KZeSi

Near...far wherever u are..

Yes! We do ship Premium Beautiful internationally!!! So don't worry about the shipping cost, coz it's all for FREEE!!!

RM2600 flat rate via DHL/UPS

Simply provide me your body measurement, within 7 working days the item will deliver to your door step!

Life time warranty! What else can u ask for? Buy once and wear it forever!

One and only corsets with SUPERBRAND!!


27 November, 2009

Breastfeed vs Bottle Feed?

I plan to breast feed my 2nd baby, but my hubby kata x payah lah beli susu tin jer. It really breaks my heart. He said lagi jimat beli susu tin rather than invest in a good breast pump.

What do u guys think?

With hariz last time i only managed to Breastfeed him until 1yr 3 months. I'm hoping that 2nd one ni dpt longer.

25 November, 2009

Why Do I Love Doing Business!!

I have an option is either to work or being SAHM or continue my masters or BUSINESS!

I chose business instead! Why? Why? Why?

  • I'm my own boss!! I don't have to listen to anyone what to do etc2.
  • Money works for me!! Yes!
  • No stress at all!!
  • I manage my own time. Bangun sukati jer tido pun ikut suka, kalau rasa penat tido. hehe
  • Busy busy busyyyy?? = MORE MONEY!
  • I can pass on my title (diwarisi) to my children! Kalau I kerja jadi Doctor ke, Engineer ke i can't pass that to Hariz.
  • Fastest way to get money within short period. ie I need 30k for kitchen kabinet, simple! Work for it!! 1-2 bln biznes confirm dapat dah.
  • Dapat 100% full support from my leaders! Kalau bukak kedai sendri, pandai2 la kau survive sendri!
  • FREE Car, holiday 3 x 1 year, 5 figure income..? What else i can ask for! huhu
  • Special training provided by our leaders just to help us to grow our business FOC
  • I meet new people, make friends with them, and do bizz with them! Ikatan silaturrahim
  • Bila buat biznes, lagi mendekatkan diri kita pada Allah. Kita sentiasa meminta pada Allah untuk murahkan rezeki kita. ;) InsyaAllah
  • Plan marketing very very unique! Sistem ADIL & SAKSAMA. Bukan pyramid sistem yehh.
  • I don't have to dress up for office attire, i just can wear jeans as long as it look presentable!
  • On average I only work 2 hours daily!!
  • Takde sapa nak marah kalau tak keluar buat biznes pun. huhu
  • Ohh company ni takperlu disangkal lagi.. BSKL MAIN BOARD, CERTIFIED by KPDN HEP, FORBES 3 years in a row, Listed in Malaysia book of record! Wehuuuuu
Next year I'm off to Beijing with my business partners!! Yay!!!! FOC


Every women mesti mengimpikan untuk dapat anak sendiri kan? so do i.. hihi cuma tu some part of pregnancy stages i tak berapa suka.. isk2.

First Trimester


-tak selera makan. Semua benda makan jadi cam tak kene je rasa dia. haih..
-fatigue and tiredness
-Mood Swing

2nd trimester
-selera makan mencanak2 naik. masa ni mmg leh nampak ketembamannyee. ihihi
-heart burn
-back ache
-frequent urination
-strain between joints kat celah peha (rasa nak terkoyak je!!!)
-mood swing

3rd trimester
-back ache
-back ache
-back acheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

-strain between joints kat celah peha (rasa nak terkoyak je!!!)
-frequent urination... every 10 mins kot. i can't even drink a glass of water! 5 minit pastu mau terkucil lagik. huuhu
-tak boleh baring terlentang
-stretch marks!! (sib baik this time around tak seteruk duluu huhuhuhu)

-Pelvic pain (jalan pun dah macam jalan itik. hahah)

Sebab tu kot perempuan dapat pahala sepanjang2 pregnant sampailah lahirkan anak... and tak abes sampai situ.. setiap titis susu yang kita susukan dapat besar ganjarannya.

aiyarkkkkk mesti patah tulang belakang dia kalo perut besar ginii.. isk2..

Wanita yang hamil akan mendapat pahala puasa di siang hari
Wanita yang hamil akan mendapat pahala beribadat di malam hari
Wanita yang bersalin akan mendapat pahala 70 tahun solat & puasa setiap kesakitan pada satu uratnya Allah mengurniakan pahala haji
Sekiranya wanita itu mati dalam tempoh 40 hari bersalin dia akan dikira mati syahid
Jika wanita menyusui anaknya sehingga 2 1/2 tahun maka malaikat-malaikat di langit akan khabarkan berita bahawa syurga wajib baginya.
Jika wanita memberi susu badan kepada anaknya yang menangis Allah akan memberi pahala satu tahun solat & puasa.

Best betul jadi perempuan ni... senang2 nak dapat pahala. huhuhu kene byk2 bersabar la yee hanisss! :p

22 November, 2009

New Stock for PB & Bio Aura!!!!

As low as RM100/ a month you can contact them!!!

(Bio Aura & PB)

Alhamdullilah tambah lagi sorang our family member's join the bizz. Welcome to the club!

And for those in Shah Alam/Gombak sewaktu dengannye u can also contact


(Bio Aura and PB)

Installment via:

Credit Card
Cash installment

The benefit of being my business partners that I help YOU to advertise your product here! At my blog FOC!!

Perfect Weekends.

Memandangkan minggu lepas I bizi terkinja-kinja jumpa client sebab this month is the last month for Beijing package. So keluar jumpa upline, downlines, clients.. etc2. Penat tapi memang berbaloi-baloi. huhuh Lepas Beijing insyaAllah Switzerland pulak. ;)

Maka nak hilangkan rasa keletihan itu me and hubs went for a movie called The Time Traveller's Wife. Hariz we all tingalkan with the maid @ mil's house.

This movie is romantic kinda movie. I suka movie2 camni sebab tak stressful bila tengok. huhuh tapi ending part dia sangat sedey lah... raz siap cakap " Rasa cam nak nanges.." LOL

So lepas tu gi cari my facial product, niat di hati mau je tengok2 dulu.. tapi terbeli pulak selepas SA tu pujuk rayu. huhuh Maka saya bertukarlah dari Olay total Effect ke....

Nope.. it's not SKII,not Lancome, Biotherm, Dior Hydration, Origins, Clarins.... etc etc. But to this...

omg first time beli cream muka dekat seribu nehh. huhu harap2 muka cun la yee..

Thanx Verde for the suggestion! InsyaAllah lepas ni i tukar plak facial wash, toner dan semua lah hehhe.

Had a hair cut at A Cut Above. I loikeeee..

me in the private room just additional RM35 sape2 nak privacy sket u can ask for private room. huhuhu

My hair stylist did a great job once again- Bob Cut.

20 November, 2009

I think Ralph Lauren should hire this boy...

................. to be their next model!!

Hariz LOVES Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt so muchhhhhh sampaikan baju RL ni dia buat untuk TIDO, duduk etc. I gave him tshirt rumah dia tanakkkk!!! Siap bukak sendri laci & pilih!! huhu

Adoihh anak i pandai melaramm...

And the best thing that he said " POLO" sumpah tak tipuuuuuuuu. huhuhuhu

19 November, 2009


Today I went to KLCC (for 3 days in a row!) heheeh to meet up my client *Kak Min* bukan nama sebenar. Gedebak gedebuk rushed to OU plak jumpa my next client Amira. Nice meeting you both!!

Tadi perut ku lapo sangat memandangkan tekak orang peknen ni tak mahu western, maka mengagau jugak cari Asian food kat Ou. Barulah jumpa .... Good Evening Bangkok! Yay i love Thai Food!! yummehhhh!!!

mieng Kam
makan dia cam makan sirih... penah makan sirih x? hehe
pineapple fried rice my fav!! manis2 gethuu

Sejak pregnant kali ni i suka makan nasik, and especially Thai food. Kalau western or italian i only can telan salad. huhuuuu Anak melayu betul!! Unlike hariz i ate burgers, TGI, Outback steak house, Chillies etc

Muka makeover

Hari tu orang tanye kan muka make over aii.. so ni lah rupanye for RM70 hengget. boleh la kan?

Oh ye i nak tanya..

I've been using Dior Snow like now and forever.. (since 2001) so i think my skin nowdays tidak menunjukkan ke-efektifannya (ade ke perkataan ni) terhadap Dior Snow. huhu

I'm thinking to change skin product, and my skin is sooooooooooooooooo dryyyyyyyyy. huhu
I collect few samples from Biotherm, Lancome so far. Nak cuba mana bagus then i only can decide.

So if u have any suggestions please lemme know k. muka ku keringgg.. huhu

18 November, 2009

watch this!! Importante!

This video refers to the two main male influences that Robert had as a child. His own father, the figurative “poor dad,” worked at a steady job for a living, while the “rich dad” (the father of a friend) ran a multitude of businesses. Most of this book is told from the perspective of Robert learning from his “rich dad” about how to make money – and seeing how his “poor dad” made huge money mistakes. The first two thirds of the book covers six lessons taught to Robert by his rich dad.

17 November, 2009

Maid Oh Maid

I have no problem with her until she .......






ape nak buat yek kalau korang jadi i?

Jangan di tanya what happened to my blog layout!! hahaah

16 November, 2009


Hari yang agak kelam kelibut... huhu

Pagi2 lagi i dah siap2 untuk gi company event yang berlangsung di Stadium Melawati Shah Alam. Jalan jamm sepanjang2 masuk ke stadium. Pagi2 lg dah nampak a few cars on the road berstickerkan burung camar, macam my car ler. hihihi.. Semua menuju ke satu desitinasi yang sama. Satu Malaysia semua hadir untuk majlis ulang tahun ke 17. Yeah company ni dah lama bertapak di Malaysia.

Went to Shu Uemura today had my makeover done. Last minute preparation semua makeup artist dah fully booked. huhuhu so i just walked in kat Mv je. ok lah not bad for RM70 kan. ;)

Anyway event tu berlangsung from 1pm-6pm. Tetamu jemputan khas of cos Siti Nurhaliza. Best jugak tengok dia nyanyi walau pun i tak minat. ehhee... i tak dpt snap pics dlm stadium coz gelap. Amik gambar luar stadium je..

Alhamdullilah ramai rakan kongsi hadir, pun tak dapat duduk sekali sebab free seating. So orang dah cop2 kan tempat.

InsyaAllah, jika ada rezeki saya tahun depan saya bakal naik pentas jugakk. :D Harus la buat baju glam2 uuuu.. huhu

Balik dr Shah Alam ingatkan nak singgah rumah mil to fetch hariz, tapi mil cakap tak yah biarkan hariz kat situ. Mil saya bab2 jaga hariz memang dia tak berkira, siap supply diapers and susu lagi. Malah kalau boleh bagi seminggu pun ok. hihi. Thanx mak. ;) Tak penah la dorang komplen2 hariz nakal so far. Alhamdullilah.

Tapi saya rindu sama harizzzzzzz... huhuhu

14 November, 2009

Look How Clean Our Water Is!!

Sebelum kami join bizz ni, kami tak pernah ada kesedaran tentang kebersihan air. Yelah all we can see a white clear water running from the tap. Itu yang kita nampak secara kasarnya. huhu

Until I joined the bizz, then i realized y not we take one of the filter since we're going to promote this thing anyway....

And... we never knew that the water can be soooooooooo uucky yuckkyyy yuckss.. bila bukak penapisnya baru lah kami tahu.. selama beberapa tahun hidup ni, air yang duk di minum warnanya sangat lazat berkrimm. :P

after a week digunakan
milo o semula jadi sedap kan kan

teballl betulll kotorannyaa
yeah perlu dicuci sekerap2 mungkin.

Kalau kat UK, Finland, US, Japan dan negara2 maju yang lain we can drink from the tap water. Rasa pun ala2 air mineral gitu.. tapi tak di Malaysia ye.

pics credit to Mai

Last minute...

I just realized that I have a function this weekend and I got nothing to wear. I tot it supposed to be a "concert", sebab orang duk sebut2 Siti Nurhaliza blabla.. and so on. So i guess Jeans and shirt wud be purfecccctttt. hahah

Tapi when i asked Cdm2 dorang buat baju dengan Rizman lah, Rizalman lah. Omg.. omg.. haa biar betikk??? I go nothing to wear!! demit. huhu Tried to contact Radzuan Radzwill's tailor mana tahu kan boleh buat cepat. Tak boleh jugak. I was looking for a plain red/black dress or baju kurung. But no where to be found. Size x kena lah etc. Went to BV2, ada satu jubah from hajaba, very nice tapi i rasa mcm perempuan nak meroyan kang. flowy sangat. uhuhu. I bought Laura Mercier Foundation & Makeup base instead! Tapi best! ;)

In the end I went straight to SACC mall, Yes!! Finallyyyyyy I found the perfect baju for meee!!! Baju kurung Pesak sesuai untuk ibu2 ngandungg from Jedan , last one pulak tuhh...and the best thing dia x la hover macam hape2 jer. Kakak kat situ siap tanye apesal ramai sangat datang cari merah hitam kat butik ni this week? hohoho

pastu akak kat Jedan cakap hari tu u datang last minute jugak nak cari baju, now last minute lagi.. hehe. Kakak tu so funny and friendly. Sape2 yang badan medium size to large silakan pergi ke Jedan coz they got plenty of nice baju kurung or kaftan. Seriously cantikk.sila pegi hoke

13 November, 2009


Hariz obsess dengan CARssssssssss.. Tak kira lah dalam bentuk ape jua medium sekali pun. The first thing on his mind will be car!!! Kalau nanges ke ape.. he will call Car instead of me!!

Nak beli kereta ape ye ayah for our second car? He likes ferrari. mak tak mampu laa sayanggg!

Ni tengah layan Disney Cars. Every day he will watch this without fail.

Oh ya he likes to watch Discovery Turbo, Formula 1, ape2 je lah yang berkaitan kereta u name it! I rasa ni gara2 masa i 7 months preggy dulu gi tengok F1!!

preggy hariz back in '07

Moga2 hariz bakal menggantikan Michael Schumacher :P

12 November, 2009

How do you handle STRESS??

Yesss it really work.... but for temporary jerr! Hihih... Nanti balik rumah stress balik tengok account balance or credit card bills!!! :D

Makan Chocolates or sugary stuff?
Penah try dulu time frust menongeng. huhhuu end up i gained 10kg in a week!! Damn it!

Actually banyak lagii..

Tapi semalam i stress sangat2 to da max!!!!!

First, i woke up in the morning already late for appointment n then i just realized we left hariz's diapers in our condo. Cesss.. then I have to go to JJ dengan muka cam hape2 jer beli temporary diaper (org dah la lambatt!!)

After that ok lah jumpa client cam biasa, pong pang pong pang citer... alhamdullilah closed. Then i went back to our condo to take some stuffs yang tak teramik lagi. Pastu nak dijadikan cerita i put my keys and my hp in the box sebab tak cukup tangan kan..

So sampai2 kereta i put the box in the car boot pastu... I terus tutuppppppppp!!!! Huarghhhh grrrr.... so i left my car key and my phone in the boot!!! Hergggg...

Panic attacked melanda!! i dunno nak call sape.. coz x de public phone. Plus tengahari panas blabla lapar lagi. iskk... Then i saw orang lori, i tahan cakap pinjam phone!!!

Sib baik la dia bagi pinjam.. called raz and 30mins after that he came untuk rescue!! Sib baik ada spear keys. phewwwwwwwwww

And after that i went st8 to KL to deliver PB to my client from Brunei. Stress tak ilang lagi ni.. rasa macam nak terjun bangunan jer..

So i decided to do a relaxing facial and aromatherapy body massage @ Aster Springs, Pavillion!! memang hilang uuuu stress!

Malam tu sambung jumpa client lagi. Allhamdullilahh.. What a day.

10 November, 2009

Shhhhh hariz is sleepingg!

Rinduu kat this cheeky boyy!! Send him at my pil's house for 5 days, coz we were busy packing up stuffs. Si comel sudah besar.. tak lama lagi jadi abang!!


Appointments update:

Since i have no time reply2 email (brief panjang2 berjela dlm email about the bizz) I suggest to those interested, just sms or call me. Make your appointment now. You won't regret. Nanti when u look back 5-6 months from now InsyaAllah your life will change 360 degreee!!! Alhamdullilah so far 5 DSM sudah dilahirkan. ;)

Biz partners so far dalam gengaman jer untuk ke Beijing!! C'mon people!


(macam kedai la pulak :P)
Come let's do this together!!!


We're officially...............


Rumah tengah renovate, but we cudnt move in now, then Tuan Rumah kat our old condo plak halauu... shuuhh shuuhh kuarr.. hahak

Tuan rumah dah ada new tenant so dia suruh we all kuar. So right now we all menetap di rumah my mom sementara tunggu rumah siap.

09 November, 2009

Strollers hunting!!!

Helppppp!! To all Experience mommy out there ( esp with 2 kids onwards hee)

I nak tanya u all... which one yang i patut consider to buy a new stroller since our baby no 2 is on the way, and hariz is still sit in his stroller.

Phil and Ted
Nampak canggih.. it is wayyyy to bulky and heavy.
Price RM4300

Peg Perego Aria Twin
not that bulky, looks ok la.
Boleh recline 60 degree.

Maclaren Techno XT Twin light weight... but less attractive hehe

Peg Perego Duette SW
yang ni macam best jerr... adik boleh ngadap muka abang, abang leh tgk muka adik!! haha

Which one should i buy eyyy?

07 November, 2009

Expectant Mom!!

Saje nak share with you all mommies out there esp those first time nak bergelar ibu. uhuhu

Yeah the journey memang sangat2 exciting!!! Nak ada new family members!!

I still remembered what it feels like when you're pregnant for the FIRST TIME!! Takut, happy, semuanya ada.

Salah satu perasaan melanda diriku.. will i be able to be a good mom? Provide all the things for my children, breastfeed him etc. Dah la kawen muda time tu so i have no experience at all. Nak share dengan kawan2 i pun, 99.99% of them not married! huhu..

So here are the things you should know ok..

First of course the hospital bill!
-Government Hospital mmg murah tapi.... ramai complaint pasal servicenya, so as for me I memang nak Private Hospital. So we chose SJMC. Selesa, friendly doctor and of coz service yang baguss. And all that package of coz dtg dengan harga yang cantekkk!! If u deliver normal macam i hari tu kurang dalam RM6000. Tu tak masuk lagi kalau anak u ada complications or what not. Nauzubillah.......

in the labour room

hariz kene tahan duduk ward sebab jaundice for a week..

-Pregnancy Check up. Lebih kurang RM100-200 per visit. Tapi kalau amik darah jadi sampai RM300++

-Antenatal Classes
I can't remember how much does it cost, but i think around 400 macam tu. Of cos first time kan, mesti nak kena pergi coz u have no experience at all!! Classes ni sangat berguna. Seriously.

-Pregnancy Clothes
Of coz u still wanna look cute or trendy and don't want to wear those sarung guni punya baju haha. Selalunya from 5 months onward dah kene start cari maternity clothes. As for me, i go for Dorothy Perkins Maternity, Top Shop Maternity or Mothercare. Reason masih x de la gedobos semacam bajunya. huuhuuuu

Top Shop Baru beli niii :D

-Stretch mark Cream, yelah kulit merekah2 so to avoid that memang kena pakai! RM300+

Dulu masa pregnant hariz I took Vitamin A,C,E, Omega 3,Calcium, Acid Folic, Iron, dan banyakk lagi la sebab kita nak bagi the best nutrients to our baby kan kan. First time la katekan. huhuuuu

Now come the shopping part!! Yayyy

Baby stuffs banyak sangat yang best2 comel2 i suka sgt shop for hariz!

-Avent Bottle Warmer (Price RM300)

-Avent Feeding Sets (RM100-RM200) depends how many bottles u nak. In my case i amik 6 botol.

-Avent Steam Sterilizer (RM300++)

-Medela Breast Pump. I prefer medela sebab ramai recommended this one. Dulu tak kerja so i used the single pump which cost around RM300, then now that I'm working, so i think i need a double pump which cost RM1650 (dah tanya Lil Caliph).

Nak breast feed mmg kene beli benda ni sebab this is the most important tool!! huhu dulu i managed to stock up susu even tho im not working. ;)

-Breast Pad (1 box RM38) yang ni i rasa weekly kot kene beli sebabnye ur breast tend to leak nanti. huhu

-Nursing Bra (8 pieces at least, make ur life easier actually pakai bra ni. And the best brand of all is mothercare, and it doesnt come cheap! RM280+ for 2 macam tu.

-Diapers mamy poko highly recommended memang x melecet bons bons baby tuu.. u never know anak u nanti jenis senang nak dpt rash ke x. Macam hariz jenis sensitive skin. So kurang2 diapers mamy poko ni kena beli 2 bag in a month cost another RM100+

-Toiletries: Bud's or Seba Med sangat2 elok for baby sebab baby kulit sangat halus. I recommend pakai ni. Satu botol Bud's dalam RM30 for sabun, Shampoo RM20, lotion2 etc. Fuhh high maintenance u.

-Changing mat, i used mothercare brand sebab comel punya pasal! Alasan x logic kan? :P RM80

-Bath tub mothercare jugak RM80

-Diaper bag, so far hariz ada 2 diaper bag, first Allerhand ( Rm300+) and then now Long Champ (RM500+)

-Bips, wipes,kain lap muka (RM200-300)

-Grow Bag! (ni not necessary but for safety reason to avoid SID-Sudden Infant Death)

-Baby cot (RM800) i prefer to use baby cot then play pan, sebab play pan tak leh adjust height.

-Graco Play Pen, yang ni we all taruk di ruang tamu untuk kurung hariz and make my life easier senang nak buat kerja rumah. Price RM700

-Mattress set - Aussino RM300, Mothercare RM700 (kurang2 nak 3-4 jenis kan?)

-Lots and lots of rompers and sleepsuit. I wud say i spend RM500-RM2000 for this... or more kot.
If ure brand conscious like me, mmg botak pale... otherwise u can use cap tesco.

-Crib shoes RM60-RM100 depending on the brand

uuu yummehhh

-Toys. mesti la nak bagi toys kan? :D Rattles, Play gym, etc Kurang2 u will spend close to RM3000 or moree..

play gym- RM350 tiny love


- Stroller. MEsti nak yang canggih manggih kan?.. Skang ni macam2 brand ada kat pasaran, we chose Peg Perego for RM1300. Sebab features yang best. Memang bagus sampai hari ni pun masih elok lagi. ;)

-Car seat. RM500-RM1000 depending on the brand. Yang famous Maxi Cosi or Britax. Safety purpose kan mestilah cari yang elok. but ours is from Safety First.

-Baby Bouncer (RM300 Fisher Price)

-Chicco Baby Walker (RM300) yang murah memang ada, tapi x selamat. Safety first remember?

-high Chair (RM400)

-Baby Sling (RM200 for Chicco) But u can get a good brand like Bjorn tapi sangat2 pricey. Time ni we all tadek duit. huhu

-Baby Food, starts from 6 months onwards u can start introduce your baby to solid food.. if u have the time nak buat bubur2, or puree ok lah takpe. Kalau u malas cam i? :D semua nak cepat jeee. huhu (Price Rm10-20 per box)

Opps..... the journey doesn't end here!

NAnti there will be a aqiqah, nak bayar tukang urut berpantang, monthly check up, injections and so on.. huhuhu all of this requires a lot of MONEY!!!!

If you're lucky ada la orang nak sponsor here and there... but what if you don't?

Banyak lagi la pendek kata untuk anak ni kurang2 u kena prepare yourself at least RM10k-20k. Of coz u want to give the best for ur children kan? Dah ada ke funding RM10,000-RM20,000 dalam bank?

I tell you honestly masa i pregnant hariz dulu we end up in debt. So i hope this thing won't happen to you. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. ;)

Alhamdullilah this time around money is no longer a big issue for us as we now can afford to buy all the thing we want. My point is.. if u nak restrict yourself boleh, but macam i ni mmg dah nama pun shopaholic and brand conscious so perkara2 di atas memang tak boleh dielakkan. :P So mari lah sama2 kita generate uwang!! :D