27 September, 2012

Here's how to win yourself a CHANEL gift...

Latest Updates!

First and foremost, Hanis would like to thank each and every single one of you be it bloggers, friends or business partners, who took part in the "Dear Hanis Haizi, I wanna Chanel" competition.

It's been a great year for me and celebrating my birthday yesterday together with family, close friends & partners added to this year's highlight.

Hanis, is going through one-by-one each of the entries and will keep you all posted on the winners!

Stay tuned!

Do you love, love, love CHANEL 
like I do?

Do you eat, sleep, dream CHANEL 
like I do?

Do you wish that one day you'd have 
your own CHANEL

Well, here's how you can WIN 
a FREE CHANEL surprise gift TODAY 

from your truly, 
Hanis Haizi.


Step 1

Make an entry titled 'Dear Hanis Haizi'

Step 2

Start your post with... "Dear Hanis Haizi..." link the keyword "Hanis Haizi" to www.hanishaizi.com

like this example

Dear Hanis Haizi...

Then make a slogan that starts with, 

I love your blog because... 

NOT LESS than 30 word

and finish your slogan with this sentence & link below

... Please, please let me have the CHANEL surprise gift you mentioned (here)

Step 3

EMAIL! to hanishaizi@gmail.com

Enter this for Subject: 

"Dear Hanis Haizi, I wanna Chanel!"

Step 4

Please include your FULL NAME, Contact Number & LINK to the post.




* Contest ends September 26th 2012.
* The winner with the best slogan as picked by me, WINS two surprise gift from CHANEL.
* Winner will be announced latest by 1st October 2012.
* Terms & Condition Apply.


Your Europe Shopper said...

wow, VERY tempting and generous of you!

thenunu said...

Wowww bestnyeeeeee.nak joinnn

Hanis Haizi said...

Thanks! go ahead, you're welcome to join! Don't forget to email me the link! ; P

fieyona raias said...

join jugak!
kalau kalah nih saye bako kedai chanel tuh..huhu :)

Hanis Haizi said...

Yay! tp jgn smpi bakar kedai... nnt xleh shopping!

zarith said...

macamana nak email link ye?sebab saya tak faham

Hanis Haizi said...

Hi Zarith:

Bila dah post the entry, you click on the post title. Biasanya another page akan buka. Copy the URL from that page.



ialah link yg akan tunjuk bila zarith click on the title for CHANEL contest....

Send me the link in the email! Good luck!

Princess Feyqa said...

nak join boleh x kak hanis? ;)

zanariah saibi said...

boleh join jugak ke ni hehehehhe

Rina AVAIL a.k.a Cik Betty said...

tulis slogan wajib dalam english ya?

Hanis Haizi said...

Boleh, open to all! jgn lupa email...

ET said...

ini semua dunia... bagi saya kurma pun sudah cukup!

Hanis Haizi said...

ET: Ada orang suka handbag, ada orang suka kurma. Saya suka handbag : P dan Alhamdulillah syukur saya belanja ikut kemampuan. Thx for the comment!

Sholihah said...

nak joinnnnnn ^_^

Naf naf said...

Saya dah join.. Ada received emel? ;)

Hanis Haizi said...

Yup!, tq! tunggu k, only few more days to go!

Syima said...

byk juga nak buat slogan tu.. kena lebih dari 30 words.. tapi tak cuba tak tahu kan.. hehehe..

WanitaMustanir said...

Dapat tak my email?? Already joined..


Hanis Haizi said...

WanitaMustanir: I'm checking, email Hanis banyak, so far search macam takde from you... maybe you can resend? Thanks...

WanitaMustanir said...

Sis, I dah resend.. Take a look, please..

[DnaZz] said...

salam dear,
when can we know who is the winner?thanx..

Princess Feyqa said...

i'll be waiting for the annoucement ^_^


Slm perknalan hanis,sy brmnat nk join biz ni.bleh bg dtail.tqvm